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Three Things About A/C Service Mesa AZ Residents Should Know

There are few places in the country where people rely on their car’s air conditioning systems more than Arizona. And more often than not, the air conditioner in a car periodically requires a/c servicing. Mesa AZ residents are probably keenly aware of this, as an air conditioner that fails to work properly causes extreme discomfort in the summer heat of the desert. While people of some locales can perhaps get away with not having a car air conditioner that functions well, Arizonans are not so fortunate. The good news is that there is one place in the valley that provides the utmost in a/c servicing. Mesa, AZ residents are in luck because Accurate Automotive has developed a reputation for quickly and effectively restoring air conditioners at the most reasonable rates.

While a/c servicing is best left to somebody with expertise in the area, there are a few things that might help people understand precisely why a car’s air conditioner may require servicing. This article will describe some of the fundamentals of a/c servicing to provide people with some key pieces of knowledge about their air conditioner. By taking a moment to peruse this article, drivers will be better equipped to know when and why their car’s a/c may require servicing.

  1. Running out of refrigerant is the most common problem with air conditioners. A car’s a/c system requires refrigerant to produce cold air. Once this refrigerant runs out, the system will fail to cool the automobile. The solution to this could be any number of things. On the one hand, it may be simply recharging the refrigerant. Or, it could be an indication that the compressor itself requires replacing or rebuilding. The technicians at Accurate Automotive have the tools and expertise necessary to quickly diagnose and remedy the problem.
  2. A leaky compressor can cause serious defects with the a/c. A compressor powers a car’s air conditioning system. This compressor is made up of many small parts, each of which is sealed with o-rings or gaskets. If any one of these o-rings dries out, which they almost always do with time, the compressor ceases to be airtight. When this happens, the refrigerant leaks from the compressor, resulting in an air conditioning system that does not blow cold air. Because the problem may be with the compressor and not the refrigerant, it is important to have an expert diagnose the compressor for problems. This can save drivers both time and money in the long run.
  3. Compressors can sometimes be rebuilt for a fraction of the cost of replacing the compressor with a new one. More often than not, the problem with a compressor stems from a cracked o-ring. The solution to this could be as simple as replacing the ring. However, many shops will suggest replacing the entire compressor instead of performing the work involved in rebuilding the old one. This, of course, costs drivers quite a bit of money that they should not have to spend. Drivers can avoid this scenario by trusting their air conditioning servicing to Accurate Automotive.

There is really one key thing that people need to keep in mind when it comes to a/c servicing: Mesa AZ is home to the best air conditioning technicians in all of Arizona. The technicians at Accurate Automotive have over 16 years of experience specializing in air conditioner compressors for all makes and models. The people of the East Valley can rest assured that their car will be in good hands at Accurate Automotive.